Where is Salford and what is it like?

Welcome back year 1.

We have a special visitor in year 1 this half term. Barnaby Bear is visiting and we are going to show him all the great things that you can do in Salford. We will be researching all the exciting things that Salford has to offer, including Salford Quays, the Lowry Centre, Peel Park and Ordsall Hall, and creating a fantastic information leaflet to put put in our tourist information centre.

We have already taken Barnaby on his first trip around Salford. He has visited sunny Salford Quays, had a picnic outside the BBC and seen the famous matchstick men paintings by LS Lowry.

Stay posted to see what else he gets up to on his travels.

Miss J.


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P.S. Our class assembly takes place this Friday. Watch this space for pics!

Do monsters really exist?

Welcome back year 1! This half term we are looking at monsters and dinosaurs.

Toys, toys, toys!

Welcome back Year 1! I hope you all had a refreshing and relaxing Christmas break.

This half term we will be asking the question ‘Did my Nan have a DS?’. As well as looking at our own favourite toys, we will be investigating how toys have changed over time. Do you think your Nana or Granddad would have played with the same kinds of toys you do today? What might their Christmas lists have looked like? Have you ever played with dominoes or yo-yos? We will also be creating our own toys to sell in our brand new toy shop!

Why not ask the grown ups in your family if they still have any of the toys they played with as children and try them out!


PS. stay posted for pictures from our recent trip to Hamleys toy shop in the Trafford Centre!


Are you afraid of the dark?

Welcome back year 1! Our topic this half term is “Are you afraid of the dark?”. We will be investigating different light sources, nocturnal animals and we will be learning about different festivals of light including Diwali, Bonfire Night and of course, Christmas!

This could be…

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